Learning Infrastructure

Classrooms and studios

The studios have uniform layout and flexibility in design to suit to the requirements of the progressive classes. The first- and second-year studios have arrangement to keep drawing boards and the studios for higher classes have provision of laptop charging points for each desk, as these students have more use of laptops in studios of third and fourth year of architecture. The studios have enough space for soft boards for display of drawings and information, glass table for model making, lockers and two mezzanines where they can prepare the models and display the same. The spaces get enough day light and ventilation. There are courtyards between every two studios that can be approached by sliding folding doors.

Audio Visual Room

AV room has a capacity to house 80 seminar chairs and audio –visual facility serving a range of day to day activities like lectures, and workshops to yearly events, “open to all’ happenings on campus, seminars and public screenings.


The pedagogy at brick is all about doing and learning. The activities and experiments happen on field and also on site. The institute owns all basic instruments. The laboratories house the equipment for the experiments. There are two laboratories in the campus, i.e., A Surveying and Levelling lab and a Climatology lab.

Surveying & Levelling Lab

The Surveying and levelling lab contains all the necessary equipments for students to study and make use of whenever required under proper guidance of the faculty.

Climatology Lab

All the equipments required for academic climatic study are provided in the Climatology lab for purpose like measurement of light, etc.

Computer Lab

The SMEF’s Brick Group of Institute’s Computer Lab was established in the year 2013. The Computer lab is situated on the first floor of the college building. It has a seating capacity of 40 students with each having an individual Personal Computer.

The Computer Lab has high tech graphics computers with connected LAN internet and wireless network. The lab has centralized server antivirus console and all computers are covered with centralized UPS backup and standby Generator. A video projector with audio system is also installed for conducting software classes. Every year, the computer hardware and software is upgraded to the latest versions as per requirements. All the computers on the campus (including Administration Staff, Teaching Faculty, Computer lab) are connected with the Domain server. The campus also has Wi-Fi connectivity. The internet Connection has bandwidth 1:8 broadband upto 100 Mbps.

Hardware Systems in Campus :

  • -High-tech Networking Switch (CISCO)
  • -IBM Server
  • -PFsense Firewall System


The campus incorporates two big workshops for students to experiment with skills like carpentry, pottery, model making, fabrication, etc under experts guidance.

Material library

The material library is an extended part of the books library with an extensive variety of sample materials referred by both Architecture and Interior Design students.

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