1st Year-Bhuj- Gandhi nu Gam Trip

1st Year-Bhuj- Gandhi nu Gam Trip

Category: Settlement-Study

Year - 2019
Class - 1st Year B.Arch., 2nd  Semester
Faculty Team - Vaibhavi Agrawal, Minu Joshi, Ninada Kashyap, Gargi Bachal
Destination – Bhuj- Gandhi nu Gam
Duration - 6th - 13th January 2019

Aim and Objectives :

  1. To study the local artwork and   
  2. To Study and analyze small scale built structures with respect to its context, comfort, function,anthropological data, and space layout.

Brief Methodology:

The settlement of Gandhi nu Gam is a relatively new
settlement and was planned during the post-earthquake reconstruction process, in order to relocate the Harijan community. The settlement is based on the concept of people’s
participation, which is inspired by the Gandhian philosophy of Gram Swaraj.Different methodologies were used to study this indegenious settlement. Primararily we documented 4 cluster of local houses (popularly known as bhungas) by doing measured drawings and sketches of the surroundings. 
Apart from this, personal interviews of the locals were taken to understand the folk lore and history of the region.We tried involving locals as apart of our documentation. We asked students to talk to people and gather their life stories. This way they built a better understanding towards the place.We even documented these stories along with the measured drawings. 

Description of the Design Exploration:

We had given two different projects as well as two different sites.Both the projects were derived from what the villagers needed in the area,which would help their business, facilitate their needs, something that would promote their art and would make things more convenient for them. 
1.First project was at Gandhi nu Gam site under the title of  Rural art and craft centre for Learning :The project was essentially an institute project.It’s main objective was to build a learning centre where people could come and learn different kinds of art skills which are prominent in this area like wood carpentry,clay work,embroidery work, and bead work. The project also included an Administration block, AV room and library to facilitate the learning process , A cafe , Shops and an exhibition space to display the handicraft products. 

2.And second was at Ludiya under the title of Centre for culture and baazar : The centre was for the community activities therefore included a community hall,A cafe, veternary clinic and store, Dairy store,ATM (which was of utmost necessity there, as the nearest Bank was in the town ), Material store etc. In addition to this the project also included a stay facility for the tourists coming to these villages.


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