3rd Year-Maeshwar, Mandu, Indore Trip

3rd Year-Maeshwar, Mandu, Indore Trip

Category: Settlement-Study

Year - 2017
Class - 3rd  Year B.Arch., 6th Semester
Faculty Team - Abhang Kamble, Snehal Gada, Aditya Kadabi, Aditya Mandgaonkar
Destination – Maeshwar, Mandu, Indore - Madhya Pradesh
Duration - 26th Nov 2017 to 1st Dec 2017

Aim and Objectives :

As per SPPU syllabus for 3rd year - To visit a place other than the geographical location in which the college is located for identification of Sites for the proposed 3 explorations that the students need to work on.

Brief Methodology:

There was no specific requirement for settlement study documentation, but sites were identified with local context study, in Maheshwar and Indore.As part of the study, two quick studies were carried out in the town of Maheswar: individual observation of local architecture and measurements of elements along the Narmada ghaat. We also visited two centers that train and engage craftspersons in the traditional hand-weaving technique unique to this region. Based on discussions we opted to develop a program that would cater to needs of the weaver community as well as provide a public interface for them to showcase their craft.  Subsequently,a site was identified to locate the proposed project for Short Exploration.

Description of the Design Exploration:


Crafts Trade Centre, Indore, Madhya Pradesh

The Department of Cottage and Rural Industries, Government of Madhya Pradesh, aims to conserve and develop traditional, non-traditional and heritage crafts of the State,and provide sustainable employment opportunitiesto craftspersons.T The Department works with a vast range of rural industries comprising handlooms, handicrafts, silk production, khadi and other village industries.Assistance is provided by way of credit facilities, facilitation of raw material procurement, technology transfer, design development, skill-upgradation, and networking with stakeholders, e-commerce facilitiesand marketing strategies, both domestic and export-oriented.

In pursuance of its activities, the Departmentwishes to establish a CRAFTS TRADE CENTRE in the premise of Phooti Kothi of Indore. This centre aims to provide a platform for interaction between craftsmen, designers, traders, tourists and the citizens of Indore by offering public spaces, galleries, restaurants etc as well as office spaces, conference areas & lecture halls.The intention is to design a single/connected mixed-use building with spaces occupied by NGOs, traders and companies dealing with crafts & textiles in one way or another. Also it will be an inviting centre for public to get more knowledge about the same. The Crafts trade centre is a hub for trading and exposure and will aid in promoting traditional crafts.


1.Project Title:

Rehwa is an old name of the river Narmada.

Haat is a temporary market. 


  1. While training, employment and housing have been provided for the weaver community, a common space for events and celebrations is lacking.
  2. The beautiful and extensive ghaats do not have any public facilities or activities. 
  3. The river was once an important mode of transport for people and goods, but is now scarcely used.


The site is located to the east of the existing ghaat of Maheshwar, up-river from the town. The site comprises of two parts, approximately 2380sq.mtrs.and 1320sq.mtrs, the upper portion to situate the building and the lower to be developed as a ghaat. The central portion of approximately 660sq.m. is to be retained as a flat surface to allow for continuity with the existing ghaat and any future development. Although currently the ghaat does not reach our site you can assume that the ghaat you design and the existing ghaat will be linked.   


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