2nd Year - Shrivardhan Maharashtra Trip

2nd Year - Shrivardhan Maharashtra Trip

Category: Settlement-Study

Year - 2015
Class - 2nd Year B.Arch., 4th Semester
Faculty Team - Aditya Mandgaonkar, Rohit Potdar, Abhang Kamble and Prajakta Chakravarty
Destination - Shrivardhan, Raigad Dist. Maharashtra
Duration - 30th November 2015 to 2nd December 2015

Aim and Objectives :

  1. Physical and visual study of Shrivardhan town built fabric and streetscapes
  2. Study of general Architectural typology within the town and the stretch to be documented.
  3. Study of land-use and ownership patterns
  4. Study of activity patterns in private and public spaces
  5. Study of vehicular and pedestrian movement patterns
  6. Study of climate, with focus on sunlight/shading in inner city and effect of rainfall on riverfront 
  7. Study of services and infrastructure
  8. Socio-cultural impact assessment.

Brief Methodology:

The students to be divided in various groups to document and study the entire stretch. Primarily 80 no.s of students shall be divided into 2 parts, studying 2 sides of the street, 40 students studying each side. The study shall comprise of following topics / sub heads -

  • Photographic documentation
  • Sketches of the street façade and details
  • Generating basic measurement drawings – Plan of the entire stretch, individual plans of structures (may be conjectural), sections and elevations.
  • Landuse, ownership and activity patterns.
  • Study of vehicular and pedestrian movements, services and infrastructure.
  • Study of climate and its impact on the built form of the place.
  • Socio cultural impacts on the built and un-built forms within the stretch.

Description of the Design Exploration:

Shrivardhan sits on the coastal are of Konkan region of Maharsthra, with a beautiful and reasonably frequented beach. In spite of being a small sized cosy beach side town, the tourism in the town has never really been facilitated well. The accommodation facility still remains restricted to home stays and private rented out residences. 
Shrivardhan lacks any other formal occupation apart from the business of home made produce from the ‘Wadis’ (Banana, Coconut and beetle nut plantations) and fishing activity.  In the proposed DP of Shrivardhan, the entire focus is being given to accentuating tourism development of the place. Locals and tourists, with equal enthusiasm, have been waiting for the ways in which to kick start the movement. 

The resort and training centre is intended to orient and enhance the experience of the many tourists who visit this beautiful and cosy coastal town. Being ‘one of a kind’ resort and activity centre, the client wants this to be precedent in terms of its Architectural statement. The resort will give the tourists an opportunity to experience the socio- cultural fabric of the region and also the art and architecture of this historic coastal town.


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