2nd Year - Lakundi Trip

2nd Year - Lakundi Trip

Category: Settlement-Study

Year - 2014
Class - 2nd Year B.Arch., 4th Semester
Faculty Team - Girish Doshi Minu Joshi Shruti Utgikar Manali Deshmukh 
Destination - Lakundi - Karnataka
Duration - 27th November 2014 to 2nd December 2014

Aim and Objectives :

Studying the rich history, heritage and culture of Lakkundi and understanding the vision of promoting heritage tourism as well as being sensitive to the needs of the local people.

Brief Methodology:

  1. Analysis and Documentation of  a Settlement addressing the socio-cultural aspects and contextual vision.
  2. Planning approaches for multi building campuses and the co-relation of visual aesthetics with architectural forms and spaces.
  3. Integrating services and design.

Description of the Design Exploration:

  • Documenting the Lakkundi settlement –emphasis on vernacular construction, occupational activities, services etc. In the form of panels and later a book.
  • Design proposal formulated based on the vision statement of the settlement  (promote and propagate culture and heritage of Karnataka).
  • Introduction to Spatial planning and co-relation of visual aesthetics /connectivity, hierarchy of spaces and planning of services
  • Formulating a master plan using various Design Principles.
  • Principles of resource conservation (focus on self-sustaining communities) and its relation to  design interface ,human interface and technology.

Exploration 1 To design a Yatri Niwas in the vicinity of the bus station.

Exploration 2 interiors for the care takers house using the local style.

Exploration 3: Sustainable design solution to maintain hygiene for public toilet- case study-lakkundi bus-station


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