Sports& cultural Infrastructure

Sports Infrastructure

The central courtyard that is also called as Muktangan houses infrastructure for volleyball and basketball.
The morning sessions of Yoga and also the celebration of International Yoga Day, happen in a part of central courtyard. This place, as placed in the central location has dynamic character. Its close proximity to the studios, help students to play even during short breaks, long breaks and post college hours. This place keeps them sporty as well as disciplined as during the class hours they are supposed to be in the studios or in classes.
The institute has sports facilities for basketball, table tennis, badminton, volleyball and cricket. There are separate common rooms for girls and boys, that have table tennis, carom and chess.

Cultural infrastructure

There are two flag posts in the campus for celebration of Independence Day and re public day. Institute owns a well-maintained set of 10 Dhols and 10 Tashas, which are the traditional festive musical instruments of Maharashtra State.

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