S.M.E.F. Research grant program is designed specifically for advanced study in any area of architecture, which will effectively contribute to the knowledge, teaching or practice of the art and science of architecture.


  • To inculcate the research attitude among the students from undergraduate level.
  • To provide opportunities to create, develop, and communicate a project about architecture and the designed environment that will contribute to their creative, intellectual, and professional growth.
  • To help them communicate their work in the public realm and reach new and wider audiences.

Defining Conditions:

The S.M.E.F Research Grant will be Rs.15,000 and will cover expenses incurred by the student during and for the duration of his research. The Grant is intended as supplemental funding only. The grant amount will be disbursed in three instalments. The Grant supports innovative investigations in the following streams of architecture; architectural history, theory, and criticism; design; engineering; landscape architecture; urban planning; urban studies; visual arts; and related fields of inquiry. The Research topic can also extend to subjects like fine arts & humanities, which ultimately contribute to the understanding of architecture. Projects must have clearly defined goals, work plans, and budgets. The entire research process from proposal to submission of final report should be completed within one year from the date of declaration of the grant recipient. In case, under unavoidable circumstances, the work is not completed within one year, the recipient has to present the reasons and future plan about completing the work in front of the panel. The panel will then decide the course of action as deemed fit. The decision of the panel would be final.

Reporting Requirements

The recipient will submit the following as a final report on the research topic. The Recipient may be asked to present his research to the panel/ general audience. A compiled report of the research work done for the Brick Archive.

  • Report on the research work
  • Set of Architectural Drawings to support the written report
  • A summary of 1000 word stating how the Research grant and the process contributed in changing his perception and understanding of built environments and culture. How the study will influence their future works.

Intellectual Rights:

Intellectual Property Rights of all work will be with the recipient, however if the work is to be published in form of an article, research paper in any media, the recipient should acknowledge S.M.E.F Grant support in all published media. Also, S.M.E.F has the right to publish the submitted work in any form , or use the work for further research and teaching, giving due credit to the author.

Method :

Eligibility for applying

  • Students from any year of S.M.E.F’s Brick Group of Institutes studying in Graduate program in Architecture or Diploma Program in Research Driven Interior Design
  • The Student must not have previously availed of he S.M.E.F Research/Travel Grant.
  • Students can jointly apply in a group. The maximum number of students per group restricted to two. This would be considered as one application only.
  • Research Grant will not support course-related work like case studies

Requirement for Application

The Proposals should include

  • One copy of the completed application form
  • The statement of purpose and destination of your trip.
  • Brief statement about the significance of the travel to your studies, career goals, and professional development.
  • A budget (transportation, lodging, and daily expenses)

Requirement for Application

The Proposals should include

  • One copy of the completed application form
  • Project Proposal that includes 250 words abstract
  • Project Schedule and timelines
  • A budget
  • Brief statement about the significance of the research study to your studies, career goals, and professional development.


Sr. no. Important Dates Details
1. June 15 Submission of Work of earlier recipient
2. July First Week Application Period for current academic year
3. July Second Week Jury panels meets to screen applications
4. August 22 (Founder’s Day) Declaration of Travel grant recipient
Presentation of work from earlier Travel Grant Recipient

Consideration of Applications:

The The Jury Panel will consist of :

  • Pooja Misal
    Executive Director
    S.M.E.F’S Brick Group of Institutes.
  • Poorva Keskar
    Principal –in-charge
    S.M.E.F’S Brick School of Architecture
  • Girish Doshi
    Design Chair
  • Anand Iyer
    Academic Co-ordinator
  • Yatin Moghe
    Head of Department, RDID

Parameters for adjudication

The following are the criteria used by S.M.E.F’s panel for adjucating the applications.

A basic 10 point rating is used with the following breakdown:

I Originality: the project demonstrates an innovative, challenging idea; critical, independent thinking or experimental approach - 3 points
II Potential for impact: the project makes a meaningful contribution to the field; expands knowledge; is a catalyst for future inquiry- 4 points
III Feasibility: the project has realistic goals, timeframe, work plan, and budget - 2 points
IV Capacity: If the applicant possesses strong qualifications and /or knowledge; demonstrates ability to carry out the project successfully - 1 points

Each Panel member gives an independent rating. Total of the ratings would be considered.
Highest rated application would be the recipient of the Research grant.


An amount of up to Rs.15,000 can be claimed within one year from the date of announcement of Travel grant in 3 instalments upon completion of the requirements at each stage :

Stage Requirements Amount
I Complete Proposal with Aims, Objectives, Method and Schedule. Rs 6000
II. At the Proposal Stage Rs 4000
III. Submission of Final Report And Summary Rs.5000

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